Change regulations

In order to enhance the passengers’ ticket purchase and service experience, Shenzhen CTS Transportation LTD has a ticket change mechanism. When applying for a change of ticket, the passenger must meet the following requirements:

  • One ticket can be entitled to a free change
  • The ticket is not allowed to be change under any of the following circumstances:
  1. The ticket is not allowed to be changed within 2 hours before the departure of the shuttle bus and after the shuttle bus departs。
  2. Tickets that have been changed once。
  3. Passenger wishing to change the shuttle bus seat is full。
  • Change procedures and policy:
  1. Passengers who purchase tickets through the online channel can change their visas。
  2. Passengers who purchase physical tickets can go to the original sales agent to change。
  3. Passengers who purchase physical tickets must return the ticket to change the ticket。
  4. When the fare change is lower than the original fare, the difference will not be refunded; when the fare is changed to be higher than the original fare, the required difference must be replenished。
  5. There is no cross-road change, only the date, shift time, and landing site changes are accepted。
  6. The success of the change depends on the actual sales situation. China Travel does not guarantee that the passengers have enough seats for the shift。
  • Change caused by uncontrollable factors:
    Because the airport guests have the opportunity to miss the shuttle due to the delay of the flight, guests can present the ticket voucher to apply for a special change to the staff of the Zhongqi Airport counter。
  • Miscellaneous:
    The above provisions take into effect today and are subject to adjustment according to the actual situation。




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